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Business Idea: Herb and Vegetable Farming

Have a green thumb?  You can grow green by selling your specialty herb and vegetables.  This is very popular in urban areas of the country.  Some items could be shipped but be sure to check with state and federal laws for your specific items.   If you have space and the talent the initial investment can be very small to allow you to test the market for your items.

Be sure to know the market value and demand for your items and build a clear financial picture of the market.  The last thing you want to do is have a few thousand dollars invested in oregano that may only be worth a few hundred.

Business Idea: Internet Security Consulting

I’m not talking about big war rooms with supercomputers breaking firewalls and gigabit encryption.  Let’s focus on the average small business that needs to make sure they have the latest updates in Drupal applied and know the CEO changed his password from “Golf”.

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Green Consultiing

Business Idea: Green Consulting

Turn your love of the environment into a revenue source.  Very few businesses advocate cutting down the last Lorax tree but they just need a little help learning how to be better for the environment.   You can help them find strategies and solutions to be better citizens of planet earth without breaking the bank.  In many cases what has become environmentally friendly best practices also saves money.  This is a great value proposition to sell your services.  You can stay true to your passion and maybe convince them to turn the savings into investments in other green-friendly projects you bring to the table.

Research as a service

Business Idea: Research as a Service

Google is great for quick and popular tasks of online information.  Many businesses have teams that research industry and strategic interest.  Small businesses lack the budgets to fund large research teams.  You can fill this void for several firms and produce a nice income.  Maybe you help the CEO brush up on the specifics of a potential customer before he meets them for a meeting.  Other times you could dig up the latest activities of a competitor.  The value is in going deep.  Anyone can glean the top hits on google.  You can stand in the government office to get a copy of the latest building permit to find out the water consumption of a competitor so your client can know their production volume.  The value is in the results of the information and your ability to concisely organize the findings.

Sell Templates

Business Idea: Build Websites

Really?  Websites?  With so many free and cheap engines to quickly create beautiful websites, it would seem this market would have died with your iPhone 4.   Surprisingly there is still a big need for some businesses to create a simple or specific website for their unique purpose.

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Business Idea: Cleanup and Junk Removal

It seems like a simple and low-value task to haul away a bunch of junk but anyone that has tried it knows just how difficult it really is.  Most of the time the task of having the pile removed can be more of an effort than actually creating the pile.   Being a provider that is dependable, honest, and well-mannered will set you apart in this market.  It may seem trivial but showing up on time, having the right equipment to do the job, and presenting yourself in a professional manner can go a long way.  Being a cut above the rest will also help you charge more and get more repeat business.

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Childcare Business

Business Idea: Start a Childcare Business

Childcare is a considerable expense for many households and a flexible way for a stay at home parent to earn additional income.   Working parents are in high demand for high quality and affordable childcare in almost every market (really every but hey there might be one).

You will need to find out about licensing and regulatory requirements for your specific local market.  These do vary greatly depending on where you are located.  In many markets, the regulatory burden is based on the number of children you watch and may or may not include your own.   In most markets, you will also need to complete CPR and first aid certifications.  Consider complying with most regulations even if they may not apply to you just to provide best practice and credibility for your service.

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